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About Me

Robert Zahra

Being Maltese born and bred, I’ve always been captivated by the artistry of magnificent landscapes and incredible nature. Having spent most of my childhood running wild in the fields which my family owned around the area of Chadwick Lakes, a water reservoir which extends from the Qliegħa Valley, in the limits of Mtarfa and Rabat, to Għasli Valley, in the peripheries of Mosta, naturally, it was only a matter of time until nature became a part of me. There was something about nature that captivated me, and snapping random photos of it was the only way that allowed me to capture the moment permanently.

It was only in 2014 that I bought my first DSLR camera a Canon 600D. At the time I was travelling to Thailand and thought that this could be my first real opportunity to start elaborating my photography skills. From there on I ventured into photography like never before, embracing the self-taught method along the way. What strikes me the most about landscape photography is the immediacy of it. It’s temporary and time could be detrimental for a completely different shot. And this is what I found astounding about landscape photography; the helplessness of the photographer who becomes just an observer who captures the moment, rather than a manipulator who intervenes into the set up of the photo.

Besides photography I enjoy travelling and trekking in the wild, both fueling my urge to capture some beautiful shots.

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